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8 Ages of Time

Build up your empire from the dawn of time through to the glorious future age creating new buildings, resources and troops as you progress.

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Your Way

Play the game in the style you prefer. Want to war your way to victory then do it, prefer peaceful trading then cool. Fight, Build, Learn, Explore - your call.

Cars, Trains...

the Toilet?

You can play the same game, with the same experience on almost any Internet enabled device - no longer do you have to play different versions on different devices.

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  • Start your journey in the Ancient Age

  • Gain Culture and advance through the ages

  • Get ahead of the pack and join the Elite

  • Take on the world!

  • Build the perfect Settlement with a huge range of buildings

  • Complete tasks to gain valuable rewards

  • Unlock and research hundreds of technologies

  • Use your Gems to purchase boosts, effects and items in the Store

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